Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re-purposed Tie

Source:Tip Junkie

{thrifted tie, suit button (or anything you'd like to use), scissors, pins, needle and thread}

STEP ONE: Lay out your tie, and start folding and pining in a manner that's pleasing to you. 

STEP TWO: Lay it around your neck and add or remove folds to get the length you want.  Keep in mind you'll want to be able to have the necklace slip on and off your head after the button is sewn down.

STEP THREE: Take your needle and thread and tack down the folds from the back side of the necklace.

STEP FOUR: Place your button or accent piece and stitch down.

STEP FIVE: Enjoy your great necklace!!!

I like this but being the perfectionist I am, I'd sew it on.

1 comment:

  1. I like it but I agree, sew it on! the back of the neck is showing. I don't like that.