Monday, August 15, 2011

Girl's Rooms

1.Source: Wall Mural Gallery
Kids Room Wall Murals Theme
I was looking for rainbows today on google and came across this cute room! I already have a link to Cute boys rooms, and nursery's so I think it's time to create one for girls rooms! I'll have to do it tonight or at nap time!

2. Sophisticated Pink  Source: Design Dazzle
 I love this shade of pink (Sherwin Williams White Dogwood) on the wall and the white canopy.

3. IDK Shabby chic fantasy girls room
I LUV the white wood floors and the flowers sticking out of them!
4. IDK :/

Again A really colorful cute room!

5.Source: Restoration Hardware Kids
Great shabby chic design, I love the mix of grey and pink, plus I have a thing for bunnies!

 6. IDK
It's out there.........

7. IDK
I call this Boho Chic

 8. Modern Geometricalish Girls Room  Source: B House Desain
LUV the color and all the statement pieces in this room!

9. Source: Digs Digs
Love the pinwheel flowers and white swiss cheese wall! Oh, and of course the princess headboard!

10. Source: Digs Digs

11.  Source: Digs Digs

12. Source: Digs Digs

13. Source: Digs Digs

14. Source: Digs Digs 

14. Source: Digs Digs
Gloss Room

15.  Source: Digs Digs
Room For Barbie Princess Romantik Details

16.  Source: Digs Digs
Room For Barbie Princess Details

17. Great Barbie decor Source: Digs Digs

18. Ultra Modern Pink Girls Room with lots of Patterns Source: Home Zeen
Opulent Pink Girls Room by Altamoda 1
Opulent Pink Girls Room by Altamoda 2
Opulent Pink Girls Room by Altamoda 3
19. Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook  Source: Design Dazzle

20.  Pink Innocence  Source: Nice Decors
Cute Pink Teen Girls rooms Interior Design 7 e1295278289771 Stylish Pink Teen Girls Room Interior Design Ideas

21. Boho   Source: ?
nursery (unknown source)  kids
Love pallets and the door as a head board!


  1. I like the sun! I also love how colorful it is... Jamie wants me to decorate our kids room. Idk what I'm doing yet. I guess it depends on what the sex is. Then I will go form there. It's going to be fun! I may need your help..

  2. Ok but I dont think we'd agree on much..... However I love finding inspiration for people! OBVIOUSLY.......

  3. I think our differnces could combine and workout well actually.

  4. even with these additions?

  5. See I'm open to anything. I think you could be a GREAT decorator. I think you have a better eye than me. Whatever you made I would like. one thing no gray. the pinks are awesome! I will comment on every pic in a bit..

  6. 1. is a good unisex room actually. idk about the rainbows. they gays have ruined it.. funny thought. Justin and I used to protest to take back the rainbow and make it not gay. It was funny. All in fun of course..
    2.ok not bold enough
    3.too white (love the wings!) ok. I don't like the flags.
    5.too gray
    6.too adult (I would love it for myself)
    7. idk. too flowery (totally vintage/boho style)
    8. I like mod
    9. I like this mod better!
    10. Love (the pink and green work great together)
    11. one of my favs. (most the bed. I little girl would LOVE that)
    12/13. both good
    14-17 all awesome. What girl would not LOVE Barbie room? #17 with the vintage barbies is sweet!

  7. 4. Is called bunting
    5. That was the ONLY thing keeping me from doing that to soleil's room - I thought it would be a depressing feel!
    6. Ok Teen and you and me!
    10. Dont care for this room and dislike the green and I'm SO over pink and green! but not as much as pink and brown. Still ok on pink and grey!
    11. Love the canopy curtain things but head board SUCKS! Not girly enough, I prefer white worn iron with bunnys at tips of corners....
    17. I ADORE but it also makes me sad.... odd!

  8. 10. how bout pink and blue (same shade)
    11. ok agree on the headboard
    17. that is weird! y?
    18. is sweet. I love the stools and the painting rocks. that reminds me I have to send you pic of my friends painting she did. It's awesome!!'s ok. too Victorian for me..
    20. I like it. I like the heart shaped knobs.

  9. 10. No
    17. Cuz its defacing vintagish barbie
    18. LUV this
    19. Totally me especially the Heart pillow and iron bed
    20. I like the idea but it looks old person trying princess at walmart or granny home made style?

  10. 17. those cant be real vintage. real barbies like this cost a 100+ dollars a piece.
    19 I agree. the heart pillow and iron bed are cool actually. totally your style.
    20. now that you say it true. old lady for sure. I do like the 3-heart stool.

  11. 20. I'd like it better in a barbie print :)