Friday, July 1, 2011

Boy's Bedroom's

1. Very Smart Design Plan for 2 Beds 1 Room! Source: Cape Cod Designs

2. Worldly Boy's Room Source: Cape Cod Designs

3. I must be in a Nautical Mood Source: Isabella and Max Rooms

4. Bunk Beds

5. I love Leather and tie's ..... by leather I meant on the throw pillow! Source:Nest Egg
Via Apt Therapy

6. Luv Maps and cute teddy bears! Source: Material Girls

7. Love Is All You Need Source: Lush Lee
colorful wall banner

8.Whimsical and Reminds Me Of The London Eye Source: Whimsical World Of Laura Bird

9. Multiple Beds ONE Room!

10. When GO TO YOUR ROOM! Isn't Punishment! Source: Cup Boards Online

11.  Skateboards Done Right

12. New World Room

13.Vintage Aviator Room Source: Too Much Time On My Hands

14. Adore This Room and Rug!

15. Like It! Source: Cobblestone And Vine


16.My Favorite Rh Kids Room (not the comforter though)

17. Love the mix of color and patterns but I'd choose a different shade of yellow. Source: Dana Made It

18. Coolest Coastal Bunk Beds Ever! Source: Art Of Walls Inc

19. Details Baby! I love this rug, the pillow and throw blanket!  Source: Material Girls Blog

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  1. my favorite is the ship one. It's so cool. That would be a dream room as a kid. that room is huge! The one with the Ferris wheel is pretty sweet also. I like the row of lights right above Ferris wheel.