Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Make a Paint Brush Vase

Source: Country Living
Simply space two rows of plain rubber bands around a tall, cylindrical vase, then tuck brushes (Fabbri used about 40) inside the bands until the tools completely surround the vessel.


  1. cool idea! I bought a huge set of cheap paint brushes. I hate them. There junk! This would be all there good for. Thinking about painting. I should paint!

  2. Yes I HATE my cheap paint brushes! you have to buy good ones and even those dont seem to hold that well

  3. I agree! When I was at Micheal's an old guy was talking to me about painting stuff. He show me a special soap set you can use to clean the brushes. I guess it also make them last longer also. I never used it yet because I only have crapy bruches so IDC..