Monday, July 4, 2011

Sigh! Pink and Kitchen :)

Source: Country Living


  1. I love the Pink refridgerator. It's new but has that vintage rounded look we all love! the stove is cool also. Looks new too but idk...

  2. I LOVE this stove I wonder if it's new also. I love the fridge to but I dont think its new I think it was painted with automotive paint.

  3. Idk if the fridge it really new but looks newer to me. I could be wrong. I see the old ones on occasion. The old ones are usually smaller like the one I got form your in-laws house. I do like the paint job. They do sell a special refrigerator spray paint. I actually used it before when I remodeled houses. I never seen it in pink or any color really. maybe the stove has been refurbished also. anyway I think both the appliances are cool!