Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Make A Modern Beanbag Pouf

Source: Apartment Therapy
A piece of furniture that is versatile and comfy. Something that can do triple duty as an ottoman, a seat, and a coffee table.

Yes, the lowly beanbag chair. But this one isn't the one you're thinking of (the kind you had in your room as a kid or maybe even your dorm room). Sure, it was comfy, but man was it ugly. No, these days we have our eye on the adult version of the beanbag chair, most recently seen at West Elm.
1. Choose Your Fabric. Here in LA, we're big fans of F and S for upholstery weight fabric. Online try Purl or Sew Mama Sew. We love the dimple patterns that West Elm was featuring. Try ebay for inexpensive Kilim rugs/fabric to try something similar.
2. Measure twice and cut once. You will need two 24"x24" squares and four 13"x24" rectangles (leave an extra half inch for sewing on all sides).
3. Sew 3 sides (and add zipper). To be safe match up your fabric inside out and to make things durable, sew a double seam and decide where you want to install your zipper (so that you can wash this baby occasionally).
4. Repeat step 2 for your inner bag. Using a rugged muslin or other cheap, durable fabric, sew your inner pouch to the same measurements as the outer one but make sure to fill it with bean bag filler before your sew that last seam. You can either buybean bag beans or you can use one of these alternatives.
5. Finish. Stuff that inner bag into your outer sleeve and zip it up. You're all done!


  1. cool idea. idk where I would put them in my house. I do love bean bag chairs. When I was a kid I wanted some so bad. Never got them.. Now, idc really..

  2. This makes me wish I had a sewing machine! Boo!