Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I like these colors and coffee table!

Source: Houzz
I also have a white couch, but I NEED color in the worst way! I like the color purple, and how it plays of this shade of green! I also like the rug and I to need a coffee table and this one adds color! I also like alliums (cute purple flowers by the fireplace) and the light fixture over the table!

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  1. I pretty much agree with everything you said. word for word :) Jamie Loves purple and would love this also. We wanted our living room to have that shade of paint on our walls but ours turned out a little gray. Lame! the pattern of the carpet rocks! Whats cool about the light fixture is it adds an abstract touch to an otherwise linear room. There so much going on but for some reason it doesn't feel like too much. I like that!