Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Your Appreciation Of Brett Favre Is Manufactured

What follows hinges upon a rather controversial idea: that nobody is apathetic toward Brett Favre's retirement/un-retirement antics, no matter how often or strongly they insist otherwise. The only question that remains is how evolved we are in our appreciation of Favre. First, we (read: those of us old enough to remember Favre's entire career) appreciated Favre's on-field heroics. Then we cringed at the perceived tainting of his legacy when he signed with the Jets. Then we were exasperated by his annual bouts of waffling.
Your feelings toward Favre are a manufactured result of a process, like paper coming out of a mill. The question is: where are you in this process? Consult the diagram below and find out. Dates are not important, as the occurrences are cyclical by this point. If you're at steps 1-8, you're a mark; steps 9-12, a casualty; steps 13-14, an entry-level Brett Favre hipster. I would wish you luck, but wherever you are, you're already there.

Source: SB Nation

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  1. As time goes on the past usually gets better. Even a bad memories becomes good over time. I think of my past and feel that way. For instance when I lived on cherry street as a kid. I hated it at the time. I was poor, had no food, an outlaw of sorts, and at times really hated living there. Now its a fond memory to me and fun part of my past. Memories always get brighter if that make sense...