Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Follow up on My Craptastic Backyard The Landscape in Progress....Corner

This quite obviously is the before. I had one shrub in the back corner and a rose bush which you can barely see to the right of it.

This is my "work in progress" so to speak.

I may add a cactus and a few succulents. It depends how they fair in the rock. I worry the rock will cook them they get SO HOT in the TX sun and heat! 

On the far left I have a red rose bush, which should have blooms but does not. I recently moved it here to get more sun (yet in this pic it has no sun) AWESOME! 

Anyway, moving on..... in the back I have 2 annual banana looking trees. I don't even know what they are but I like them. 

Behind each banana tree I have a small perennial you can't even see. It is Jasmine (Trachelospermum), and they should climb up the fence on each side, and smell glorious. 

In the front center I have a New Zealand Cabbage Palm (Cordyline australis 'sundance') which I just learned grows fast and becomes a pretty ugly looking tree. 

SO....... this could be a big FAIL on plant selection but feel free to enter applause (HERE) I will give ya'll the queens hand gesture and smile :)

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  1. Just think a couple weeks ago your back yard looked totally different. It's definitely getting there or if not there somewhere...

  2. and its not even imaginary :) I'm addicted I want more. Shocking huh