Sunday, August 14, 2011


I Love these first set of nails!!!!! I NEED to find out how to do this!
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nails,(: clipped by rainn. you should use♥

The Daily Nail: January 2010

Source: Emerald Sparkled


  1. If I had to choose what I like the best of these I would pic the butterfly one(second pic). I really like the first pic too with the lips. That is hott and would be good for going out. I like the idea in the last pic of having everything a differnt color or theme. I don't really like how they did it tho. I like haveing it differnt colors and have it match something your wearing. Like having some pink hair extentions with one pink nail. if that makes sense... Oh yea. If I do go to the wedding with u we HAVE to go get manicures before!!! I still have never done it!!

  2. Oh yeah! We will do a cool design! you can get a butterfly :)

  3. LOL! I think I will have to stick with the clear. Maybe I will do one nail. It will be the same as u get. so we can match just a little bit. good or bad idea??

  4. awesome!! that would be SO fun!!