Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids First TOMS and Ones I want ! LUV TOMS!

Source: TOMS

I got these for my 3 yr old boy. He gets a TON of compliments!

Small Paisley Tiny TOMS Classics

I got these for my 5yr daughter. She refused to wear socks and she hates tennis shoes (SO smiling on the inside) but these shoes were my answer! She loves them and also gets a TON of compliments!
Metallic Tweed Tiny TOMS Classics
I'm SO wanting to get these for my son...... I'm think winter shoe (live in TX it's OK)


  1. I like the tweed ones. you should get them..

  2. they actually have metallic woven in so they are sparkly. Then I started wondering..... they have them in youths and womens...... guess I should check mens..... Not like Ty or I would care ! and I should get them, you remember the fiasco I went through last time trying to find them!

  3. When I was in Madison. They sold them at Journeys in the mall. IDK if they have kids sizes tho, probably not. I agree, hopefully this time you will find them a little easier...

  4. Here journeys only sold adults but it depends on the store size and market.