Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great mix of pics!

I love the pictures on the wall and how they dont really have a flowing theme, yet come together. I also think the pillow and books pull the pictures together with the rest of the space. Like the tile pulls the yellow tables into the space.


  1. I love the yellow and the floor rocks! I want to do this picture puzzle look so bad but I'm scared to do it and I don't have enough pictures. the square lamp shade is neat. I really need to decorate my house better and cooler. I have the talent(I think) but no drive. Maybe It would be a good winter project!

  2. Great winter project, but you need all the frames to match if you want this look, otherwise you could buy a bunch of frames at gs'ing and spray paint them all the same color and keep different texture and shaped frames. You could make the art to go in some of them.

  3. I will think about it. I do like it though. when I go gs'ing I will keep my eyes open. hmm. there's so many possibilities!