Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach Inspired Bunk Room

Bedroom with beach theme, wood-paneled walls.
Source: My Home Ideas
This sporty room gets its nautical appeal from glossy, horizontally painted walls. Custom platform beds are suspended with boat cleats, and shades are secured with grommets on suede straps.


  1. The walls are cool because most old houses that have that wood. Have it on the outside of the house as siding and it's painted a color. If they didn't it would look like this. I don't think they really even have that kind of wood anymore. Suspended platform beds are always cool especially for kids. The lamp on the left looks like a camera tripod with a light on it. cool! The pillow on the bed is interesting also. The beds look short though. Probably for kids. If they are, the suitcases would make great steps..

  2. Yeah that is a cool pillow and good idea on the suitcases!

  3. I also like the rug!