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Alcofrolism -

Definition of frolic: light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement (Reference). Hence, alcofrolism is the light-hearted enjoyment of alcohol for amusement purposes.

Low calorie alcoholic mixed drink recipe

Posted on August 22, 2010 by Alcofrolic
As alcohol is my only vice, and in all other respects I have an extremely healthy lifestyle, I like to be clued up on drinks that wont overdose me on sugar (as I said – one vice is enough).
So my favourite mixed drink recipe, which hardly contains any colories and is great on a summers day is:
  • Lemon vodka (like Absolut citron)
  • Soda water
  • A squeeze of fresh lime juice, and a large slice of fresh lime to garnish
That’s about 50 calories. Not bad hey! Really refreshing too. If you stick with single vodkas in fairly tall glasses (i.e. lots of soda water to keep you hydrated) it’s a really good one for minimizing any potential hangover.
If that’s a litte too healthy for you and you want to ease yourself in a little more gently, add in a shot of malibu which gives it a tropical flavour. This adds about another 50 calories so it becomes around 100 calories. Still not bad though. Compare it to a large glass of wine which is about 160, or a pint of beer which can be around 200 (exact calories vary by brand). So compare 3 drinks of
  • the vodka, malibu mix ~ 300 calories
  • large wine ~ 480
  • pints of beer ~ 600
  • pints of cider ~ 690 (again, exact calories vary by brand)
  • vodka, soda, fresh lime mix ~ 150 calories. Brilliant :)
Try it, let me know what you think :o


  1. No Alcofrolism-ing for u.... yet! I cant wait till we can!!!

  2. lol! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.