Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Is What Happens When a bird lays eggs in a nest on the porch of someone who's self diagnosed OCD!

I spent the day defending this nest for a couple reasons. 
  1. This bird is CUTE, an Eastern Bluebird
  2. She has eggs in this nest
  3. A bunch of other birds were attacking this nest, and only the mom and dad bird could defend it.
I've always been a fighter for the underdog, the young, and defenseless. So while the birds were having their territorial pissing contest, I COULD NOT leave this nest unattended. Mostly because a few times the birds would divide the parents and a couple would go for the nest, so of COURSE I had to stand watch and protect the young. The parents were WAY out numbered and I was not going to stand for this either.

Here's where the problem comes in...........

The bluebird was so on edge from all the adrenaline (so I assume) that if I opened my blinds or had them open to check on the nest it would spook her and she would fly away. SO here's my solution I hooked my baby monitor camera up to the door so I could keep tabs on her. That is of course after I (NATURALLY) did some research and learned her predators and what food she eats. OH...... and after I observed her for a couple of hours (probably just one...... probably) in my binoculars.

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  1. LOL! I love bird nests. I like the usage of a baby cam. smart! If u fuck with time too much they might leave... we've gotten them in our weeping mulberry in the past. there alot of branches to protect it from predators and a great view form our dining room window. we've had A blue jay and a robin. I scared the blue jay away skateboarding in the front yard with some neighbor kids. Jamie was super sad and almost cried. Shes a weirdo animal person. I felt bad also when it never came back. the blue jay left her eggs behind too. total fail on my part.