Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A before and after you must see! Total transformation for $55

Source: Design Sponge
Check out the after picture after the jump!
Time: 5 hours (including drying time)
Cost: $55 (including shelf and supplies)

Basic Steps: Prep your piece by stripping or sanding any of the old finishes (I got lucky that my wood was completely void of paint or stain). Use a cloth to wipe away any excess dirt or dust after sanding. Then apply one to two coats of primer, and follow up with one to two coats of your top color. I used a semigloss for this piece to match the rest of the trim in my room.
Hang the shelf on the wall by screwing it directly into your wall studs. We used all four of the studs that the shelf hangs over just to ensure there would be no accidents! Find an assortment of fabrics that complement your room. Then measure each nook and cut out the fabric panels to fit accordingly.
To attach the panels, take a panel outside one at a time and spray the back side with super 77 spray glue. Then adhere it to the back of the shelf by starting at the corner and carefully pressing it into place along the top edge of the nook. From there, you can smooth the fabric out from top to bottom. If the fabric was cut too large, you can use an X-Acto blade to trim it down. Don’t worry if your fabric is a bit crooked or does not cover the back side completely. Once you place items on your shelf, this will be unnoticeable.
Tips: Use a mini roller to apply paint. This makes the project go much faster, plus you get more consistent paint coverage. Also, when screwing a large wooden piece on the wall, take a moment and assess how the piece was made. Often the back board is flimsy plywood, and you would not want this carrying the weight burden. In my case, the top bar of the shelf (behind the tulips) was a solid 1×4 and was a perfect place to put the screws. I found it easier to adhere the fabric panels once the shelf was already hanging, but this could be done just as easily beforehand. — Tiffin


  1. cool but they need a level. it looks crooked. maybe im wrong... I like the white (fire king or pyrex) glass. I sell it sometimes on ebay.

  2. I like the wall paper background also.