Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My love of Pallets! Yes Pallets?!?!

Source: Apartment Therapy
I love the look of this room and the love pillow!


  1. I do like it. It works! the love pillow is ok but I hate peace signs! and hippies! lol.

  2. I HATE peace signs too! but i dont mind hippies unless they vote :)

  3. I love this table too! I have a handmade wooden crate that I picked up recently that I'm going to add casters--it won't be the exact look, but close I hope!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my 'chocolate' coffee table!

  4. alot of the pallets I've seen have the EUR stamp on them... I wonder if that means its from europe...... or just what it means? I like it regardless, and Korrie what you did was AMAZING! You deserve credit when credits due! Kudos Girl!