Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dream Vs. Reality My Craptastic Backyard Gate Entry, and a Peek at Pool

                                 REALITY - Thank You Rain (insert middle finger here)

                    DREAM                                                                      REALITY

Ugh....... We finally started the side of the house. Our dirt was getting so low on the side of the house it was just bad for the foundation. So we decided to build it up with dirt and put rock on it. It has a steep slope from the house to the fence so it's kinda tricky design wise.

THAT was our brilliant PLAN! Which is I'm now learning.
You see how the entry is on the left. Well if you pile a bunch of dirt there it either has to slope down naturally which wouldn't work for rocks or you build a big retainer wall. STUPID looking and out of the question.

On top of it I got way to big of rocks, and I hate them so here is where I'm at. Actually where I was before the rain came last night. Now I have whats in the first picture!

So now I'm thinking MAYBE spread these ugly rocks out the width of that mesh, and put the smaller river rock on the right of it up to the fence. It might look cool mixing rock. The big rock did really amazing in our MONSOON last night, and the smaller rock looks pretty and I can get a wheelbarrow over it. I'm interested to see how this turns out.

I also have this beauty

It is also wet and below the yard so I will have to take all that crap off get another yd of dirt, mound it up and then replant my plants, get another yd of the CORRECT size rock and be some what done with something :)
I'm really not smiling anymore..... and thats because my yard is wet and I CANT do anything! I hate that!

OH and for those of you wondering where this pool is?

Yes were replacing that mat that extends to the patio. I think we took on way to much at once, and thats my fault! I never want to stop,when we were doing this my husband was at work . So my babysitter, and as you can see below, my kids helped me. My husband and Chad were texting each other and here's how it went:
Husband: You tired yet, she's a fucking slave driver?
                She's like the energizer bunny when it come to this stuff
Chad: Yeah the energizer bunny on crack.
and they are absolutely right so I just laughed and smiled.

Yes it was 100 degrees, so obviously my kids are as crazy as me. To be fair, it was their bed time 7pm so it was probably closer to the high 80's, and they just got out of the pool!

I'll post pics on how the pool came to be when I'm not being barraged with IMPORTANT things such as MOMmmmmmm Ty's pointing at me, MOMmmmmmmm ....


  1. It doesn't look bad. keep working on it. One recommendation is don't keep changing the same thing. Keep pushing forward. Eventually everything will come together I promise. To me landscaping is just like any art. start simple. You can always add later. on the side of the house instead of a retaining wall maybe use a big rock boarder or something. If not, once everything settles in it will stay in place better.

  2. I was thinking that big rock would be narrow by the entry and wider as we go. The big rock on the left and small 7/8 inch rock on the right. It might look cool but at this pt we need to wrap it up. Scott it has to be a work in progress. We did a lot this year but we cant make it our dream backyard all at once. I certainly cant argue that!

  3. that's what i do all the time is half finish a project. the only problem with that is when I go to restart it I have a totally different idea and hate what I did before. I my opinion. If you start something finish it. I know, easier said than done...

  4. That's exactly how I am! My whole vision shifts and I wonder what I was thinking!