Monday, June 27, 2011

Cleverly Deceptive

I saw this on Kelly Green Interiors  and am being a total blog douche by copying it but I couldn't contain myself! This is the anti douche iphone cover! A little black notebook perfectly hides your phone

They also make one for the ipad! You can buy it here -> pad and quill


  1. I would like it for the ipad but not for the iPhone. TOO much work and would look stupid to pull out in a bar or something. On the other-hand it would be a great conversation piece and opener. very unique! wait!! It better have a camera hole also. I'm not pulling it out of the case just to take a pic!!

  2. why stupid in a bar? maybe for a guy.... I could see that

  3. yea, it would be cooler for a classy style girl :)