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The Best Products to Guide New Moms

The Supernanny books: Read chapters on Sleeping, Naps, Routines, Discipline

Your Baby's First Year WEEK by WEEK - For those of us who find this to overwhelming and boring, this is a perfect guide, they also have one for week to week during your pregnancy.

MYLICON- Gas Relief (dye free so you don't stain their clothes) BUY IT USE IT! When ur baby is crying in pain and inconsolable and you would saw your arm off to take away the pain. DON'T Blame Colic or switch formulas just yet. TRY THIS 1ST it WILL work!

Personalized Baby Block: 
Purchased At: 
Best Gift Ever! You can order these for starting at $15 with FREE SHIPPING!!
at  ALSO AMAZING customer service!

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MYLICON - Just a Reminder GET IT

Halo SleepSack Swaddle (Just born) - 
Purchased At: I got mine at Babies R US.
Wearable blanket it replaces loose blankets that can cover ur baby's face and interfere with breathing. Its adjustable swaddle wrap immobilizes your baby's arms to prevent the "moro" or startle reflex, thus they sleep and don't scratch their face. That way they stay cute and are show off ready! And, it's the only adjustable swaddle that allows for swaddling arms in, or arms out for an easy and gentle transition to the SleepSack wearable blanket when it's time to stop swaddling. 

You also wont have to get up all night wondering if they are cold. If your like me I was always afraid the baby was cold. So I put a microfleece jammy on, then a microfleece swaddle (should have opted for the cotton one) then I put a blanket on top of that! NOT needed. Either way you will sleep better knowing your baby's warm and safe.

Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket - When it's time to stop swaddling, use these because your kids wont kick them off, thus they will SLEEP!

The Day&Night® Handheld Color Video Monitor with Night Vision
Purchase At: I got mine at 
Is a truly portable unit that allows parent’s to see as well as hear their baby while moving around the house. (color part is pointless unless they sleep in a well lit room) It’s ideal for checking on baby without waking him or her.  There are the traditional sound lights that visually show baby’s level of activity.  Nighttime LED lights on the camera make the baby fully visible both day and night.  The portable video monitor has rechargeable batteries plus an AC adapter and offers a belt clip and kickstand for extra convenience.

I like the camera because it pops up from the stand and you can tilt it to whatever angle works best for you, and the range on it is GREAT!!!!! I used it on the second floor and monitored the baby from the first floor! 

Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser
Purchase At: Walmart or Target
Make sure you get the right nipple, they sell the nipple with different size holes. Newborns have smaller holes for feeding and older baby's obviously need the nipples with the bigger holes for better flow.

  • Designed to mimic breastfeeding
  • Liner collapses like the breast
  • Nipple promotes latch-on like the breast
  • Slow flow gives baby the right amount
  • Clinically proven to reduce gas and colic
  • GREAT for traveling!!!!!!!! 

When Flying here is what you do!
Take a couple bottles (2 minimum)
Small container of formula with scoop
Drop In Liners (2 or 3 u can always rinse and reuse)
Empty water bottle (security)
Fill the 2 bottles with the drop ins and pre-measured amount of formula (so all you need to do in airport is add water) 
Get through security
Go to water fountain and fill your water bottle up. Baby's usually prefer warm, but you can get HOT water from a stewardess or coffee place and mix it 50% hot 50%cold so it's warm. Plus if your in need of an emergency feed, just add cold water. 

When baby's done with bottle, toss used drop in, replace with clean one, and add formula if you have time. If you don't have time, no biggie you prepacked 2 bottles :) 

MYLICON - Just a Reminder GET IT

Roc-Lon Blackout Drapery Liner
Purchased At:
Liners insulate against heat and cold. If you want to take a daytime nap (baby's nap minimum twice a day 10am and 2pm or 3pm....... I don't remember so READ that Supernanny book)! This panel darkens any room any time of the day. Light is eliminated (COMPLETELY!!!), noise is reduced (barely), energy is saved (BIG TIME!) and privacy is provided! The hanging options make this a great choice for any room: hang on a separate rod or attach to the backside of any drapery. Or use the hooks and hang on blinds (between window and blind) that way it isn't visible inside the room when the blinds are shut.

These block the sun and heat and cold drafts SO WELL I have them in every bedroom and the windows with the most sun exposure. I've had them for 5 years and have NEVER had a problem. I still want more, I actually want them on EVERY window. We save a TON!

Child Safety Outlet Covers - CUTEST Option out there!!!!!
Purchased At: or with luck look in your Home Depot or Lowes in the aisle with OUTLET COVERS, NOT the Child safety aisle!!!!

Child proof your home against accidental shocks or death caused by children putting metal objects into unprotected electrical outlets. All you need is a screw driver. These safety outlet covers install with a single screw in the center of the plate and replace the standard 3 prong electrical outlet cover.  These are sturdy, quality covers, that increase child safety and also insulate against energy loss. 

I've had them for 5 years and probably wont replace them, they look BETTER then regular covers and when I sold my last house ALOT of people commented on them.  

Lever Handle Door Safety Lock
Purchase At: I think I got mine at Target for $12
No need to dismantle your door handle, no need to install more hardware! 
This installs right over the existing door handle and secures with adhesive NOT screws! Straightforward push-and-twist release,with visual indicator so you know it's locked! This may seem like overkill to some, but my front door had this handle and it's the easiest handle for toddlers to open. 

CLEAR Banister Guard Kit
Purchase At:
Eliminate accidents in the making with this tough, transparent, INVISIBLEish plastic barrier. Available in 5 feet or 15-feet lengths. Easy to install, hole punch and cable ties included. For indoor use. 

I had this in my last house because the bedrooms were upstairs and the idea of my child getting their head stuck between posts or falling through and smashing their adorable head on the tile floor was NOT an option!!!! I slept better after having my husband install this. Plus it was INVISIBLE! Some people have netting, but that's NOT CUTE so buy this :)

Hideaway Bed Safety Rail (Extra Long)
Purchase At: Walmart or
Provides the ultimate security when you need it, then slide out of sight beneath the mattress when you don't! With metal brackets for durability; most others use less-sturdy plastic and fabric ties. Makes changing linens a breeze! Fits twin, full, and queen size beds. All bed guards are 20"H, to accommodate even thick mattresses. For ages 2-5. 

OR -> Do what I did with my 2nd kid and put a long pillow on each side of him.

Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket
Purchase At:, Academy, Best bet is Amazon most stores SELL OUT fast and if they aren't sold out the selection is less CUTE.
  • Intended for youths 30 – 50 lb.

Yet I bought one for my 1 1/2 yr old who was under the minimum weight and he did perfect, its safer then going without!
  • Buckles in the back 
Making it easy for you to put on them and HARD for them to take off!!!
  • Allows flexible range of motion for safety
  • Offers stability while in the water to help build confidence
  • US Coast Guard-approved Type V with Type III performance
When you go to the pool EVERYBODY will want to know where you got this GREAT product. 

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